Skill of the Day [16-12-07] Debilitating Shot

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Skill of the Day [16-12-07] Debilitating Shot Empty Skill of the Day [16-12-07] Debilitating Shot

Post by ZephyrNightstorm on Mon Dec 17, 2007 12:32 am

Debilitating Shot

Bow Attack. If Debilitating Shot hits, your target loses 1...8 Energy.

Energy : 10
Recharge : 10
Activation time : -

This skill belongs to the rangers side, but it can be used by any character who woud like to wield a bow.
Altough it's a mesmers case to drain energy a ranger has some sidekick help to it.
This skill and Famine (elite) come to mind.
Let's see if this skill is nice, yes or no?

Cons :

1. 10 energy, it gets lowered by expertise, makeing it usefull for a ranger, bit harsh for any other class due to that bows can miss easily..
2. Recharge, a bit long, makeing it hard to spam, in 10 seconds time, a character has replenished their lost energy.

Pro's :

1. Lowers energy, always usefull to do too a monk.
2. Combines nicely with a energy draining mesmer.

All this skill does is drain energy. Is it necessary for a ranger to this? IMO it isn't.
This skill can be usefull if you're doing a mind break mesmer combo with this one. Famine comes into mind also.
But spells are energy consuming for a ranger so you would need a 2nd person to complete that.
In other words, use this if you like, it hasn't got many uses but sometimes a drain of energy can make sure a character can't use a certain skill. It's a guess skill on how much energy your foe still has.
Don;t use it, unless you got an energy drain mesmer on your team.

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Skill of the Day [16-12-07] Debilitating Shot Empty Re: Skill of the Day [16-12-07] Debilitating Shot

Post by Feon Ante on Tue Jan 15, 2008 3:19 am

mesmers.. don't you love em? The game's lead disablers are here to interrupt, mana drain and spike damage... i say they are a must in any decent pvp team:p For example is a drain mesmer steals all the energy of the enemy monk, killing him in the process, you no longer need a monk in your own team hehe:p
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