Skill of the Day [14-12-07] Earthquake/Dragon's Stomp

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Skill of the Day [14-12-07] Earthquake/Dragon's Stomp Empty Skill of the Day [14-12-07] Earthquake/Dragon's Stomp

Post by ZephyrNightstorm on Fri Dec 14, 2007 9:51 am

Dragon's Stomp / Earthquake

You invoke a Dragon's Stomp at target foe's location. All foes near this location are knocked down and are struck for 26...85 earth damage. This Spell causes Exhaustion

Casting time : 3.0
Energy : 25
Recharge : 15.

Dragon's Stomp is a cloned version of the Prophecies Earthquake. (No creativity on A-net's part)
Anyway these skills are a massive area knockdown with damage.
Everyone likes damage and everyone likes it when your target cant do a thing against you.
Lets look at the pro's and con's.

Cons :

1. Exhaustion. (Makes it a non-spammable skill) and you lose an additional 10 energy.
2. High energy cost.
3. High casting time.
4. Only 2 seconds of knockdown.


1. These skills can be combined to give foes a massive knockdown with only few seconds in between to recover from the last one.
2. Decent damage.

As you can see the cons list is higher then the pro's.
Knockdown skills can be a lot cheaper, but most of them still inflict exhaustion.
The damage is nice, but the damage per second rate lowers due the casting time.
In other words, it can be a nice fill in skill if you REALLY do not know what to put on your skillbar, otherwise use something like chunning earth, or eruption... they are more effective then this skill.

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