Skill of the Day [15-12-07] Chilling Victory

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Skill of the Day [15-12-07] Chilling Victory Empty Skill of the Day [15-12-07] Chilling Victory

Post by ZephyrNightstorm on Sat Dec 15, 2007 3:43 am

Chilling Victory

Scythe Attack. If it hits, this attack strikes for +5...17 damage. Whenever it hits a foe who has less Health than you, target foe and all adjacent foes are struck for 15...51 cold damage.

Energy : 10
Recharge : 10
Activation time : -

This skill is gained by Primary Dervishes as a starter skill after the 1st mission.
Almost every Dervish keeps this skill on his skill bar?
Why? Lets check it out.

Cons :

1. 10 energy... a minor problem, but most scythe attacks are 5 energy so... a little con.
2. Only useable by scythes.. but that doesn't matter much..
3. Recharge is 10 seconds, so it's not a real spammable skill.. but Eternal aura comes in mind.

Pro :

1. High damage, especially when you've got a high hp.
2. Nice synergy with some skills (Reaper's Sweep)
3. If used when a foe is below 50% hp.. it takes a HUGE chunck out of their hp.. so umm a finisher move INDEED.
4. Cold damage as finisher, not many got defense vs cold.
5. Adjacent foes also recieve the cold damage.

Short said, this is a skill to use and keep on your skill bar. Wish every profession got a nice starter skill as this one is.
And with a Dervish energy management (mysticism) this 10 energy shouldn't be a problem... I guess Very Happy

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