Skill of the Day [17-12-07] Release Enchantments

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Skill of the Day [17-12-07] Release Enchantments Empty Skill of the Day [17-12-07] Release Enchantments

Post by ZephyrNightstorm on Mon Dec 17, 2007 12:42 am

Release Enchantments.

Spell. Lose all Enchantments. Each party member is healed for 5...29 Health for each Monk Enchantment lost.

Energy : 5
Cast time : 1
Recharge : 5

This skill is located in the divine favor line of the Monk profession.
It's based on enchantment stacking, and which class does that best.. of course monks.
Protection line combined with this one comes to mind.
Also before I forget, 29 health is at 12 divine favor. it increases +2 every 1 df. So at 16 it's 37 hp.
The only thing I don't know is if the divine favor bonus also get's used on every party member.

Cons :

1. Lose all enchantments on you. In a middle of the fight it can cost your head, but a good monk knows what he does.
2. 1 cast time, still risky if you've got interupters shooting at you.

Pro's :

1. Party heal!
2. Low energy.
3. Low recharge.
4. Great for useing it with the Protection or Smiting line.
5. Did I mention PARTY HEAL?

Anyway, it's clear as water that this skill can be VERY usefull in the right hands.
Losing all enchantments on you can be a bad thing, but you always could divine spirit to spam skills on yourself really quick and then use release enchantments. Divine spirit is an enchantment, combine it with divine boon, and reversal of fortune, and BAM your party is healed for almost 100 hp.
I think it's a nice skill to be honest, just you need to know WHAT you're exactly doing, and of course the energy isnt that efficient of course, but hey, we got channeling for that Wink. (Also an enchantment Razz)

Discuss about this skill, do you think it's good, or should it go to the NEVER used line?

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Skill of the Day [17-12-07] Release Enchantments Empty Re: Skill of the Day [17-12-07] Release Enchantments

Post by Ash on Mon Dec 17, 2007 9:05 am

i could see it being used by a bonder if the tanks is nearly dead and some idiot in the team pulls too much aggro, other than that i cant see it being all that much help. would only be really usefull to avoid wiping in places like FOW or UW where a few extra seconds can let you run away and rebirth everyone.

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