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N/A AB Build Empty N/A AB Build

Post by mental on Sat Jan 19, 2008 4:55 am

Heres a Build Ive put together but I was inspired by a few similar builds that I have seen on various forums.

I dont have a template as I dont have all the skills needed to fully put this together or test it, but in "theory" is looks pretty solid.

Curses 15
Soul Reaping 9/10
Shadow Refuge 9/10

1 ) Corrupt Enchantments {E}
2 ) Insidious Parasite
3 ) Reckless Haste
4 ) Price of Failure
5 ) Parasitic Bond
6 ) Signet of Lost Souls
7 ) Feigned Neutrality/Shadow Refuge
8 ) Dash

As soon as I have unlocked the required skills I will be trying this build.

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