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Post by mental on Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:29 am

Posible build : Needs Testing :

Leadership 13
Spear 10
Tactics 10

1 ) Anthem of Flame
2 ) They're on Fire
3 ) Burning Refrain
4 ) Watch Yourself
5 ) Focused Anger {Elite}
6 ) Barbed Spear
7 ) Spear of Fury
8 ) Leaders Comfort

I would advise taking an Ele SF Nuker to complement this build.

I need to get some skills before I can test this build but it looks good.

The Idea is to get as many enemies Burning with Anthem of Flame, Buring Refrain and SF - so "They're on fire" reduces the dmg taken by 30%.
Keep "Watch Yourself" up as much as possible to add +18 Armour to Party.
Focused Anger to build Adrenaline, Barbed Spear to cause bleeding, Spear of Fury after Barbed for extra dmg and energy management.

Will let you know when Ive tested it.

Any Suggestions Welcome.

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