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Post by Eas on Mon Dec 03, 2007 3:16 pm

This is a build I mainly use pve but I had some succes with in AB and RA too. With some minor adjustments offcourse. I succesfully got to survivor on this build. It has lots of self healing and energy managment and deals great damage too.

Scythe Mastery: 12+1+2
Mysticism: 10+2
Earth Prayers: 8+1
Wind Prayers: 4

Max armor set with Windwalker insignia's for extra armor. The build has enough energy managment. If you do feel you need more energy you can go for radiant insignia's too. Use the scythe hood with a major rune of Scythe Mastery, a sup rune of vigor, a major rune of Mysticism, a minor rune of Earth Prayers and a rune of vitae.

Any max damage scythe will work as long as it's not zealous. I use Hand of the Forgotten. A scythe grip of enchanting is very useful.

1. Lyssa's Assault
2. Victorious Sweep
3. Reaper's Sweep
4. Zealous Sweep
5. Faithfull Intervention
6. Mystic Regeneration
7. Vital Boon
8. Res of choice

When entering an explorable area cast 5. Before entering battle cast 6 and 7. Then go through attack chain from 1 through 4. Make sure your enchantments end before recasting them. Nothing more to it realy. Enjoy.

Enchantment removal, anti melee (blind, hexes), energy denial.

For RA you can leave it like it is. For some pve areas you can leave out res and add Whirling Charge. For AB replace res for Whirling Charge and add minor rune of Wind Prayers.

If you think you can help me improve this build, please post a reply.
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