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Post by mental on Wed Jan 23, 2008 12:22 pm

I Would like to see any Tried and Tested Hero Builds here Plz


Any issues Heroes have with certain Skills/Builds as I have noticed they are not the brightest sparks going!

I will post some Builds Shortly (Making Tea)

My Gripe at the moment is Heroes not being able to use Mystic Regeneration correctly :

Test Subject : Olias, Zhed, Melonni (I monitored them during Combat)

Olias as a MM with Mystic Regen - no problem - Good Job

Zhed - NEVER[u] uses it!! Even when his health dropped below 50% - Dimwit

Melonni (DERV for Gods Sake) - Does not use it!!!!!

Does anyone have any ideas why this is the case?

Thank You

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