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The mighty 55hp/solo ss Empty The mighty 55hp/solo ss

Post by Crit on Thu Dec 20, 2007 8:57 am

Well hello there i would just to share with you the little builds i use to farm a lot of areas in the game in both hm and in nm

well lets start with the 55 solo monk (the one i use):


1) Protective Spirit
2 ) Healing Breeze
3 ) Shield of Absorption
4 ) Spirit Bond
5 ) Spiteful Spirit{E} (ss)
6 ) Mending
7 ) Balthazar's Spirit
8 ) Essence Bond

What you have to do:

Well all you really have to do is cast 6,7,8 let your energy recharge in between each casting then walk towards the nearest mob and before you aggro cast 1 and 2 then once you energy is high cast 3 and 4 keep these up when you can. Once all buffs are on you cast 5 on the mob(make sure there in a group or it won't work as good) then keep 1,2,3,4 up and recast ss when needed.

The equipment:
All you really need is a grim cesta from the cities of ascalon quest and a axe with enchants last longer and +5 energy.
5 sup runes: 1prot prayers
2 smiting prayers
1 healing prayers
1 divine favor
The armour is real simple all you need is the 30 armour from la and with your sup rune and you rdy to go.

The solo ss is really the same build just without soa

Ok so the skills are as follows:

1 ) Protective Spirit
2 ) Healing Breeze
3 ) Spirit Bond
4 ) Spiteful Spirit
5 ) Suffering(or Insidious Parasite)
6 ) Mending
7 ) Balthazar's Spirit
8 ) Essence Bond

Works the same cast 6,7,8 wait for energy then cast 1,2 aggro mob then cast 3,4,5 and keep them up

Same armour just the rune again sup runes only to lower health to 55 and the grim cesta and the wep for enchants and energy.

Places that this can farm:

The spiders outside sunspear great hall (Hm)
Tusked howlers/Hunters in Arkjok Ward (Hm)
Hydras in Skyward reach both Hm and Nm
The jade Brotherhood in Wajjun Bazaar in (Hm)
Trolls in talus Chute both Hm and Nm
Plus many other

I hope this helps some people there is of course the monk derv farm but im yet to get the skills for that build but both work just as good i hope this help some people thanks for reading!

Very Happy
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