Skill of the Day [9-12-2007] : Energetic was Lee Sa

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Skill of the Day [9-12-2007] : Energetic was Lee Sa

Post by ZephyrNightstorm on Sun Dec 09, 2007 2:51 pm

Energetic Was Lee Sa [Spell].

Hold Lee Sa's ashes for 5...13 seconds. While you hold her ashes, you gain +2 Energy regeneration. When you drop her ashes, you gain +1...8 Energy.

Energy 10 Casting time : 2 Recharge Time : 20
Found in : Eye of the North

This Ritualist skill falls under the Spawning attribute makeing it useless for every other class except Ritualist and Signet of Illusions (SoI) users.
The skill has some pro's and cons. Let's look at the cons first.

Cons :

1. You lose your weapon and shield/focus at that moment which could have a useful factor on.
2. You walk a bit slower while carrying the ash.
3. As 1 said, you lose benefitting factors, but remember you'll also lose the energy you've got from your staff/weapon + focus
4. Not useful for many classes.
5. Long casting time.
6. Recharge is pretty long, since you'll have a downtime of almost 7 a 8 seconds. Also if you need to drop it, it takes even longer before it's recharged.
Pro's :

1. It's a good energy recovery move when you do not need the energy from your weapons. So use it before you run dry of energy.
2. It synergies well with Soothing Memories, in which you will still get energy increase and you heal almost for free.
3. If you use Empowerment spirit combined with this one, you'll have an extra energy increase, so spike healing while carrying the urn will be possible.
4. Some channeling skills are also very useable with this urn. You'll have a short downtime before you could cast channeling urn based spells again.
5. Non Elite!

All in all it isn't a bad skill to use. It has potential in a channeling build. It can be used well for restoration builds.
Ritualist may praise themselves lucky to have a no Elite energy recharge skill.
I recommend toying around with it if you've got a ritualist anway.

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Re: Skill of the Day [9-12-2007] : Energetic was Lee Sa

Post by Eas on Mon Dec 10, 2007 4:05 pm

A few restoration builds come to mind Smile Remember that weaponspells can't be stripped, nice when healing :p
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